Cleaning in itself is a tedious job. Do you get your nerves breakdown when your lease is about to end and still not have formulated with the cleaning of the house? And, these services in Melbourne are not so easy to achieve. Some tenants do this task on their own to get the bond refund and as well as save their finances. This is a checklist to ensure that you meet the cleaning of the house of your owner before your lease ends and you have an easy exit.

Start with the preparation of Cleaning

The first thing to go on with the cleaning process is to ensure certain preparation to be conducted wholly, which will formulate fast and efficient cleaning. And then, you can move to the next main procedures during your End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.

Frame your time-table

Go back to the days when you were planning your days according to a time-table. When you hit the end of the lease, you will have to perform the same task. It is often experienced that it takes 2-4 hours for lease cleaners to clean up a studio apartment, a full day for a large house and 4-6 hours for a bedroom apartment. If you leave all these cleanings for the last moment, then it will stay hectic for you as you have to give attention to leaving your bust schedule.

Vacate your house

Certain end of lease cleaners makes it a mandatory provision for renters to empty home before they start with their cleaning. The cleaners believe that exit cleaning should be more thorough than the regular cleaning process. You cannot say that if furniture and other mess are surrounded in the house, proper cleaning can be ensured.

Supplies Required

For certain specific cleaning, you must take the right instrument or equipment to get your job done. Some of them are a broom, bucket, dustpan, brush, gloves, mop, duster, and carpet steam cleaner, vacuum, oven cleaner, screwdriver, newspapers, squeegee, sugar soap, towels, preferred cleaning product, paper towels, and other necessary products.

Approval of the Real Estate Agent

When you finish your cleaning process, never forget to take the approval of the agent descended from the real estate. Once you get the house ensured, you will feel more confident about getting back the bond.

Areas to be cleaned at the end of lease cleaning services

You understand your house more than anyone else. There are separate sections that need to be cleaned by the lease cleaners. They clean the below mentioned:-


Your End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne service shall start their process from the kitchen. This is the place which needs maximum cleaning. Cleaning of the oven can consume an hour. And other appliances will take another one hour to be cleaned up.


When you are done with the kitchen, another hectic place to be cleaned is your bathroom. You need to purchase additional cleaning products for cleaning before taking the leave of the house.

Bedrooms, dining and living rooms

Rooms need individual attention as they are circumscribed with dust and other dirty substances. Apart from these three places, you will have to clean the balcony, laundry, and garage as well.

If you want to save your busy schedule from getting tampered because of End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne, then hiring a professional cleaning service is a mature decision.

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